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About Quality Equipment Finance

Quality Equipment Finance is a broker’s most dependable funding partner. Our people-centered approach, streamlined tech, and straightforward underwriting create easy wins for brokers and their borrowers.

We understand the challenges that small businesses face every day. That’s why we make the funding process fast and easy for every broker and their borrower, every time.

We Finance:

  • ALL types of commercial equipment

  • Excellent to average credit

  • New and used equipment

  • Purchases up to $3 million

  • Purchase through vendors or private party sales

  • Equipment refinances & outside lender payoffs

Humbly Confident
We know there are always ways in which we can be better, which keeps us humble. And yet, we are confident—not out of ego or arrogance—but because we surround ourselves with a staff of the best professionals, offer financing products we believe in, and work hard to constantly improve ourselves and our teams.

Uncompromising Integrity

We are uncompromising in our desire to do what’s right—not just what’s easy, cheap, or convenient. We never want to violate the trust that our teammates, our clients, and our communities place in us when they decide to join our team or do business with us.

Sincere Desire to Help Others
Our mission is to make people’s lives better. We’re driven by a sincere desire to share our time and resources to help others as they pursue their goals & dreams or grapple with life’s challenges.

Passionately Driven
We realize the world we live in and the business we operate are constantly changing, so we are never content with the status quo. We believe there is a better tomorrow and—if we help each other
and work hard—we can and will get there together.

Core Values


Quality is a Proud Member of these Organizations:

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