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The Monitor 101+ Top 5

Quality Leasing was recently featured in The top five Monitor 101+ companies—a captive, two bank affiliates and two independents—commanded 30% of the total market share and contributed 20.4% of the collective total new business volume of the Monitor 101+ group.

Monitor editor Rita Garwood sat down to discuss the go-to-market and origination strategies that led to their success in this year’s ranking. With conditions changing drastically for many in 2020, they share the struggles and triumphs of leading their businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We service everything that we book,” Fogle says. “To date, really with a couple exceptions, we haven’t sold any of our portfolios. We want to keep them in-house. And I think our customers and our sources of business appreciate that. When you contact Quality, you have one salesperson who basically handles the relationship from cradle to grave. Our salespeople know how to underwrite, they know the assets and they’re experts in each aspect of a transaction.” -Paul Fogel, Managing Director

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